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Vishnu's Lament

June 10, 2021


preserve, uphold
conserve                        a life-bubble
keep them shielded 
from self-made              troubles
that was the job             
the work was simple
perfect                                      ecosystem
but it went brittle

maybe he slept through evolution
let his avatars do                   God's work
but in the corners of an animal's brain
sentience lurks

it grows and expands           until
it burns
and all that's left is                avarice
it bends, twists and turns

it leaves the poor         destitute
it leaves the hungry     famished
it leaves the green       barren
it leaves the shore       drowned

it finds cover                 amongst bloodshed
with posh castles in the middle 
of nowhere
with miles of food and blood on its hands

it isn't just a bear on a lonely ice sheet
it isn't just an angry teen at the UN
it isn't just inaction by the blood-smeared hands

it is impending doom
and vishnu just stares......
vishnu's lament is just this
his little bubble being                  destroyed
by the very bodies
he'd hoped it would shield and love.
This poem is about climate change and how human greed has slowly deteriorated the biosphere. "Vishnu" is the Hindu god of preserving the universe if you must know! much love :)


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  • Khushi Shanti

    Wow...Love it

    3 months ago
  • pluto-

    This is amazing omg. I love how you have expressed yourself by connecting two distinct ideas and written this! It's really good!!!

    4 months ago
  • Yellow Sweater

    This poem is absolutely brilliant! The formating really adds to the impact and the language is crisp and hard-hitting. And if your metaphors were any subtler I think the urgent-ness would be lost! Welcome to WTW:)

    4 months ago