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A Piece of Pie

May 23, 2021


People say “A piece of cake,”
But what if you don’t like it;
Others say “Go break a leg,”
But I don’t really want to.
Some say, “It’s raining cats and dogs,”
But I don’t want to get scratched;

I finally get it!

If you don’t like cake
Eat pie
If you don’t want to get hurt
Be safe
If you don’t wat to get scratched
wish for birds
For they will bring you the happiness you deserve.
Things will fall or fly into place around you.
Or, for that matter, into your stomach.
I just ate pie and wanted to write about it. It was delicious. If you don’t like or can’t eat pie, im sorry. Get the cake or ice cream... or any dessert you deserve for that matter.


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