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31 days of self love #2-4

May 23, 2021


I forgot to do it on the past few days, so I’m just catching up...

Day #2
1) My phone (so I can get on WtW)
2) Barnes & Noble/ other book stores (wishing they weren’t so expensive)
3) The lotr books/movies!
4) Brandon Sanderson (My favorite Author)
5) Pianos (especially grand pianos)

Day #3 
1) My Violin
2) The Fuzzy Pillows and Blankets I got for my birthday to protect myself from the monsters under my bed!
3) Sleeping by an open window
4) My New Writing Notebook
5) Smoothies

Day #4 (today)
1) Healthcare Workers
2) My Education
3) Almost Summer!! 
4) Anne of Green Gables
5) My bookshelves (yes, it’s plural)



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  • SamRose

    I love this! And one random question that might be a bit weird... have you ever heard of Heroic Youth? XD You just seem a bit familiar and I'm wondering if I possibly know you from there?

    2 months ago