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Bad to Good Day

May 23, 2021


"Well, he's not responding to painful stimuli." 
"STOP IT! Stabbing someone repeatedly in the foot does not make you a doctor!"
"They never said that in the rule book!"
"There isn't a rule book."
Cameron sits in the lobby, listening to their shouted conversation. Even though it is probably not right, he starts giggling, then full out laughing. 
“Shut your giggling mouth up!” A Grumpy looking, and sounding for that matter, man practically yells at him. Cameron lets out a couple more snorts before finally calming himself. The door flings open, somehow softly, to let the doctor rush quietly out.
When his mom, Krista Knox, finally comes out of the room, Cameron hurriedly walks up to her.  As a doctors assistant, she is probably the only one who yells at the doctor on a regular basis, hence the shouting. On the ride home, she complains about every little thing at work. The most commonly mentioned name is Doctor Wallis’s name. 
While they eat dinner that night, a knock comes at the door. Knock knock. At the door, the mailman waits with an important letter.
Dear Krista and Family,
I would like to inform you that Doctor Wallis has been fired and Krista Knox has been promoted to the position of Doctor in replacement of Doctor Wallis. 

Utah Medical Department Staff

The Celebrations last late into the night. According to Krista, Wallis never was a good doctor and a bad day became good again.


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  • SamRose

    Re: I must be thinking of someone else then. It's an LDS roleplay camp sort of thing.

    2 months ago