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Hi! I like poetry, but I can read it better than I can write it, lol. (Same with romantic stories, I do love a good cry) I have three dogs, Bruno, Twinkie, and Beans. Chat with me anytime, about books or otherwise!

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When You Sleep

May 20, 2021


When you sleep, what do you see?
Do you see longings?
Hopes and dreams for the future?
Would you fight for those sights?
Do you see memories?
Memories a dearly departed past.
Would you trade everything just to live those memories again?
Is it pain you feel, upon seeing things that are unlikely to happen.
Upon seeing things long gone.
Is it joy you feel?
Being able, just for one second, to see those people, those pets, those places in your own reality?
Or possibly, you may feel remorse.
For not enjoying those people, those pets, those places, as much as you should have.
But now, you are here.
So go...
Go take hold of your dreams for the future.
Go enjoy these people, these pets, these places.
For you will not have them forever. 



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