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By: Brightness Eden


Do you ever see a balloon floating across the sky.
I do, I just did, 
it was a star, but doesn’t twinkle
it smiled, but there was no happiness behind
It drifted lazily, beautiful against the bright blue sky;
yet it brought no joy. 

It made me sad.
To think that some happy child lost something,
something meant to bring joy. 

I sometimes feel like a floating balloon,
Smiling, but not happy;
I know from past experience that I will eventually get through.

You Can Do This!
If you are Drifting, grab hold of something.

I was feeling a little down lately, like I was drifting, so I wrote this. Just know Someone loves you. I love you!

Message to Readers

Any feedback!

Peer Review

I liked the depressing beginning but the happy ending.

honestly, you nailed this! I have no critical feedback to give :)

Reviewer Comments

Please talk to me if you are feeling down!!!!!