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May 15, 2015



"That's my baby girl" I cooed petting Raja's soft fur. She purred in delight nuzzling me. 
I knew very well what she wanted, and how could I turn down my baby girl. I walked along the fence and Raja followed. Reaching into the crate Raja was eyeing me with great intensity, I pulled the fresh goat meat out of the wooden crate eyeing the meat with disgust.
"Yum, don't you want to just eat that up" said a male voice that started coming forward, I immediately recognized the voice as my brother Jackson.
"Oh yeah, makes you want to just slap some butter on it and chow down" I replied turning around and smirking at my brother. 
His presence warmed my heart and made me feel safe. 
"Actually, I think Raja prefers it without butter" he chuckles "I still can't get over the fact that you named your tiger after a character from Aladdin." He shakes his head.
"You just wish you had a big enough brain to come up with that awesome name and, besides Aladdin was pretty hot." I winked at him and he smirked
"I still think Channing Tatum and Taylor Lautner are hotter!!" He squealed in his little girl voice. I laughed and nodded, he rolled his eyes and side hugged me and stared at the piece of meat, with a sad look overpowering his amusement.
"Hey, What's wrong Jacky?" I shot him a small smile.
"She left me." He sighed 
I gasped. He must mean Brook. That spoiled rotten potato... She thinks she runs the world.
"Why in the heck did she do that??" My arm trembled from holding the piece of meat, I glanced at Raja she was glaring at me. I tossed the big piece of meat over the fence Jacksons arm to falling off my shoulder in the process. Raja made a sound of delight attacking the piece of meat with her sharp claws, she started ripping it to shreds.
"You know why Leah. She insisted on seeing our house and I told her no, she didn't understand why." He says sliding his hands into his pocket. 
"Oh yeah." I sigh looking back at the large mansion Sitting on the green just beyond the courtyard. 
We tried to prevent anyone from coming to our house. This decision was messing with our personal relationships but, We were so sick of not being able to have a real relationship with anyone so we decided together that no matter what. No one from school would know of our families riches. So we dressed like middle class people and drove not so expensive cars. My brother was only a year older then I, so we went to the same high school. It made it a lot easier. Not even my best friends have been to our house. 
"Anyway Leah, I came out here to tell you that Mom Wants you." He raised his eyebrows.
"Oh, you only wish I was in trouble." I winked at him and started towards the house.
Staring at that ground I remembered what I wanted to tell Jackson.
"Hey Jackson!" I called across the green.
"What?" He called back
"Dads says we might move again" at this I wince.
I could see his face drop as he turned around nodding his head. We had never stayed in one place for to long. We had a permanent residence in California but, Mom misses Dad to much when he goes away so we just move around with him for months at a time.
I started across the green through the courtyard and then the garden looking at its beautiful Roses and Tulips and a few Pansies. Mom was sitting in the office surrounded by windows. I walk across the large stained deck to the French doors and into one of the living rooms. My Mom came from the office with a stack of papers studying them.
"You needed me Mom?" I say with a hint of disinterest in my tone.
"Yes, Leah." She was still look at her papers and I sat waiting for her patiently.
"Mom..." I cough trying to get her attention
She looks startled looking up at me. " Oh yes, Sorry Sweetheart. Can you make a painting of maybe...Raja for me? I think it would look great and be a perfect birthday present for the attorney general." She sighs looking around for something.
"Yes of course Mom, so am I dismissed?" I rub the nape of my neck In nervousness
"Yes you may leave now Leah" she walked back into her office.
One thing to know about my household. Never. Ever. Bother someone while they're working. I trudged up the stairs to my bedroom. A replica of the one in Cali. White walls, beige carpet, Four poster bed with canopy, Tiger posters everywhere. My art scattered around the room a walk in closet, flatscreen Tv. Daddy sure knew how to spoil his Baby. I walked over to my Vanity, I took a good look in the mirror. I wasn't very pretty. Not like my sister. My hair is long and Red Auburn colored, I have big emerald green eyes, freckles that dotted my face and pale skin. Sure I was well proportioned, My hips were wide. My breasts were Perfect with my midsection. I wasn't fat but I wasn't salad girl skinny either. I took after my Father, I had a hint of my mother in my full lips and nose. Like I said not absolutely gorgeous. But I was fair. I looked down at the Canvas and Brush. Better get started on My Artwork for Mom. She wouldn't be to happy if it was late.
I wiped my brow and stared at the work. Raja was so Impatient, I scolded her several times for moving. I finally gave up and improvised. It was decent enough, Mom wouldn't care. There was a slight smudge of paint on the white part of the canvas from hauling it into the house and up the stairs.
"Leah! I have great news!" My brother screamed running into the room.
I jumped startled looking at him with wide eyes.
"What?" I breathed 
"We are staying in California!!! No more Moving! Mom has to stay there for her work!" He jumped up and down like an impatient three year old.
I gasped in surprise. No way. I hadn't lived in one place for more then 6 months for 8 years. This couldn't be happening and, I couldn't be happier. I started jumping up and down with him when he stopped.
"Girl Moment! Like awesome." He squeals in his girl voice.
"Wow Jackson I'm starting to think you aren't my brother anymore maybe...a sister? You've got the chick voice down!" I teased he lips curved into a smirk and a flash of mischief crossed over his face and he finished with a wink.
He gave me 'The Look' Oh,Dear it's 'The Look' that look means he's going to do something I don't like. I don't know what it is yet but I definitely know I won't like it. He crossed the room with his hands behind his back, holding something tightly. Oh my potatoes.


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