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Hug me

By: SunV

a hug here, and handshake there
a smile on your face as you greet friends new and old
and you wonder to yourself how lucky you are
to be able to touch again, to love for real once more
because the one thing you took for granted
the life you seemed to live for the sake of living
that had gone, and come back again
and you missed it, truly missed it
and now you won't waste another moment

If you didn't get it, it's about the pandemic ending and life being, well life again. I used this as a response, because what we thought our ordinary life, now seems so extraordinary, and we will never take anything for granted again.

Message to Readers

I don't know how well I followed the prompt, but we truly found the extraordinary in the ordinary this past year....

Peer Review

What really stood out to me in this poem was how the author showed how something as common as hugging has become extraordinary. Rather than focusing on some phenomenon or unique, rare thing, the author took a new approach by portraying an aspect of life as common as touch as extraordinary.

After reading this poem, I feel fulfilled. After being away from my friends for so long, I had forgotten about how nice it was to be able to be affectionate with them again. This poem highlighted the happiness that comes from friendship, which allowed me to reflect on my life and realize how lucky I am to be close to my friends again after a year.

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