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By: Flowing Ink


"It's bittersweet."


"This moment will end. And I'm going to miss it."

"Aren't you living this moment right now?"

"That's what's so bittersweet about it. The moment hasn't even ended and I'm already mourning."

"Then stop greiving something that hasn't died."

"But it will die, will it not?"

"It's not gone yet."

"It isn't gone. But one day, I will be. There will be a thousand moments like this one and I won't be there."

"But you are here now."

"I am. Ironic, isn't it?"

"I suppose. But if you live this way, then you are already a foot in the grave."

"I am living as if I'm dead, and I'm mourning the inevitable."

"If it is inevitable, why concern yourself? Instead of pondering this moment so deeply, take the time to actually live it."


"How do you feel?"

"It's beautiful."

Message to Readers

hehe existentialism go brrrrrr. feedback is welcome.

Peer Review

Hahaha, a lot. This piece is very thought-provoking. It has so many different ideas, regret, sadness, hope, positivity/negativity... just piled into one small conversation. Usually it doesn't work too well or is very hard to do but in your case, it was done beautifully.

Honestly, I can't help wondering what the moment is. Is the person doing something simple and normal like drinking tea and watching the sunset, or is the person taking a big step in their life, like about to get married... Not just that, but I would love for the conversation to have some background. I'm stuck wondering what the relationship between the two people is. Is it even an actual person or are they just voices in someones' head? One last thing, the person describes what makes the moment bitter. Part of me wants to know what makes the moment sweet too.

Reviewer Comments

I kinda suck at reviews, but I hope that was somewhat useful.

I would love to see more pieces in this format.

Happy great day/night.