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Hey! I'm a nerd from Utah! I'm a Ravinpuff, shadowhunter, wizard, demigod, and tribute, so basically I can be considered a reader (huge one too) If you need someone to cry on or with, I am here! Don't forget to check out some of my fellow writing buddies work...
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The Message Before The Abyss

May 23, 2021


Racing across the grass, running from my perusers. The Archers fire from the surrounding forest, as I sprint towards the burning castle. More of them fire ahead, with the false idea that I am an attacker. One hits me in the upper arm, causing me to trip, gasping in pain.
But the pain is muted by the adrenaline rush. I could also include that, as I am immortal, I heal like no other. I can be killed, but age has a hardly noticeable effect on me. Just 10 meters from the castle, an arrow punctures my upper leg.
I lurch forward to pound on the gates, shouting that i have a message for the castle Lord. My arrow wound in the leg is resulting in much blood loss. I begin to get woozy. 
The gates open, revealing a small squadron of untrusting soldiers that are ready to escort me into the castle walls. I receive no help, limping along like a wounded dog. By the time we arrive, my vision is going black around the edges. The castle lord, Lorian Camanot, receives me in a nice enough way. 
I recount my journey, feeling faint, then relay the message before my vision goes dark, pulling me into a dark abyss. 
I was playing the game Castle Panic, when this idea popped into my head! Enjoy!


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  • SamRose

    Re: It is! :)

    2 months ago
  • Brightness Eden

    It published before I could add any writer messages, so I’ll say them here. Any feedback would be helpful! Keep writing!

    2 months ago