The Unicorn


I go by he/him most of the time.
Ninth Grader
Favourite poem: Richard Cory by Edwin Arlington Robinson
Loves: writing poems/lyrics, reading, music, singing, anime, nature and helping people out

Message from Writer

Write. Keep writing no matter what happens. Eventually, you'll find something that just clicks. You need to write until you reach the moment where you can look back and say, "I did what I loved and I made progress that I am proud about." So keep writing. Never give up.


May 18, 2021

PROMPT: Tiny Love

Love keeps us alive
Making you feel like you can keep going
Letting you push through life

Love gives your strenth
Giving you the power to live
Even if life can be a living hell

Love gives on happiness
Making you feel the happiest you have ever been
it seems as if you were flying or floating

Love heals
More than time ever could
Making you feel less pain

Love mends your soul
If it was shattered before
by something ferocious and much too hard to face

Love brings the joy in life
If you once lived in a cave
You finally see light
It's a bit over the amout. But yeah, that's what I think love does.


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