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Being Judged

May 17, 2021


People who know me say I talk to much,
People who don't, say I talk to little;
We are Judged by every word that comes out of our mouths.
It can be from Conscious on or your Subconscious.

People who know me say I am wierd
People who don't say I am normal
I don't care, I gave up caring what others think of me.
I act how I want to act, I feel what I want to feel.

If we Judge Meanly, why judge at all.
If we Judge Nicely, It can make someones day.
Compliments come from Judging
Insults Come from Judging

The world these days seems to only Judge Meanly
So I want you to believe these next words, even if they are few...
You are beautiful/handsome just the way you are
You have potential to change someone's or many peoples lives.

The internet seems to have tons of sad, depressing things that can make us feel worthless. None of that matters. YOU matter.


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