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In the Monkey Cage (please read footnotes)

May 17, 2021


A cage of glass,
A cage for Monkeys;
At an impasse
I hear your story

Taken from your Mother,
Taken from your Home;
Then go to another,
It is not the same.

I grew up around people,
A pet on a golden leash;
Worshiped like a Steeple,
Like a Prize to be won.

If something went bad,
I got the worst of it;
Treated like a dirty rag,
People had no manners.

When I grew to big,
I was sent away
To the forest, like a wild fig;
barely surviving on my own.

I was alone when Sarah found me,
almost dead, lying on the ground;
In a way, locking me up set me free
I am healthy, thriving in my cage

There are hundreds of others
That still need our help.
They all are my brothers
I know the word can change.
I wrote this about something I learned in Language Arts (English) Monkeys are being taken from their natural habitat to become pets. When they grow too big, they are released into the wild. But they don't have the survival skills that need to be learned from their parents, so they die. :( There are some people (like sarah) who make Monkey Sanctuary's to help them survive. I think we can change this together so I decided to write about it. Enjoy!


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