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To the One That Tried

May 17, 2021


Dear The One Who Tried,

    Doing better was my only dream. My constant wish, and my everlasting companion. Or so I was led to believe. When I met you, that dream changed. Your ocean blue eyes drew me in like a moth to the light. Your dirty blond hair is wild on your head, never tidy, yet always perfect. Your perfect skin makes me want to stay in your arms forever. My new dream became you.
    You visit every day, favoring me with your sweet and simple gifts. A flower for my hair, a chocolate from your collection. Each day brings a new experience, and a new gift. On my birthday, you are the only one at the party. You give me the greatest gift. On one knee with a golden ring.
    On the days following, you and I tried to glimpse what lay ahead. We saw too much. And I began to hate you for it. You apologized endlessly for it, but I refused to fall into your nets again. Then you were gone. I missed your perfect eyes, your messy hair, and the feel of your arms around me. My days are full of sorrow, wishing you were still here. Hoping upon hope for you to return.
    Just know, I still love you.

 Sincerely, The One Who Never Stopped Loving
I'm a hopeless Romantic, so I couldn't help writing this. Enjoy!


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  • rafaelsolanoishot

    wow this is super good! I could picture everything because of your amazing use of descriptions! This is the perfect mix of happy and sad!

    3 months ago
  • Lata.B

    oh awww this is so beautiful!
    Re- Haha Thankyou!! I LOVE the hunger games also!!

    3 months ago
  • The_Sunrise_Queen

    I like this, although I don't quite understand what happened? but it is really sad and sweet!

    3 months ago