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May 15, 2015

PROMPT: Open Prompt


      The sound of the Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II is a sound to remember on the battlefield. Dreaded by the opposing forces, and loved by the allies. Close air support, twin engine, first developed in the 1970s. This plane is nicknamed the "Warthog." This is not surprising, since this beast fires 4000 rounds per minute. The $11,800,000 plane uses 30 caliber bullets to punch holes right through armored tanks, killing everything inside. The pure devastation rips through anything you put in front of it. 
     On the morning of 28/8/2016, a distress call came from troops on the ground in Syria, controlled by the infamous ISIS terrorist group. The soldiers on the ground needed danger close air support, which meant it needed to be preformed near the people calling for the air support. Captain Coal, also know as "Reaper" is now setting out to preform the ground attack. "ETA 5 MIKES, DANGER CLOSE" he calls in. The roaring dual engines of the Warthog come to life, sending the dusty terrain air born. 
     In the air, you aren't too silent. In fact, the Warthog doesn't even need to be. It terrorizes the terrorists themselves. It is famous for the roar of the 30mm cannon shooting down the designated targets it is set off to destroy. Since it is in the air, you hear the roar after the ground or target is pelted by the fired bullets. 
     Flying at top speed, Reaper closes in onto the target. It is a squad of enemy soldiers, and one tank. The Americans on the ground were without any support, so they were in dug down trenches with dry soil surrounding them, so they could drought around the area without being seen by enemies. Closer and closer, the enemies got. Closing in fast, Reaper stabilized the A-10 to get ready for a gun run. Three, two, one. BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRT! The tank and surrounding soldiers got pulverized, dirt flew into the air, and the tank stopped dead in its tracks. No movement, "This is Captain Coal, 10 KIAs. Mission success." The Warthog turns around, and the radioman on the ground comes in and thanks Reaper, and that all of the terrorists in the squad were killed in action.






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