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Slowly getting a story that's been stuck in my head onto keyboard and screen after it spent enough time in there to have a whole book on lore and characters alone.

The Company

May 14, 2021


Bones snapped under her boots as she strode. She never wanted it, but now she easily breathed it in.

War had become a beautiful thing.

Then it turned sour. It was still so easy to breathe it in, but each breath came with so much pain, suffering, and rationing. Three simple things to banish to the footnotes of history after the revolution. The Collective had had plenty of times to meet at least a few of their endless promises but instead choose to sit on their soft cushions in their ivory towers and do nothing.

Lieutenant Colonel Kern walked up to her company and spoke. She spoke of joy, love, and other happy feelings and emotions long lost to the pages of history. She avoided making it seem like she was trying to inspire them. Instead, she tried to make them feel better, uplift their spirits a little, to be glad of where they were and how long they’d survived. Her voice unconsciously turned happy, the unconscious voice in her head taking over. No matter how hard someone tried, no one could really inspire anyone anymore. The wars that had followed the revolution had made sure of it. Sure their revolution had made their lives better, but the queen’s terrible and soured relationships with the other kingdoms and countries reared their ugly heads at the Collective and its newfound freedom, provoking more wars and more death.

At this point, all that mattered was that they kept enough fight in them to continue keeping their little vision alive and free. At this point, everyone had resigned to the fact that the wars would never end or they'd never wake up from fitful rests.

Everyone accepted the fact that their queen’s terrible politics would follow them to the ends of the earth and back. Her politics and wars would destroy the Collective before it had a chance to spread its good word to others. Everyone knew they’d die for their rebellion and that their deaths would go without major consequences, like an unscented candle flame dying in the bright midday light. People knew it was there, they just cared not to continue to cultivate it and grow the flame to something bigger and better.

Lieutenant Colonel Kern knew this. She’d accepted it herself. No one was going to pay much attention to her speeches unless they were gameplans, but even then, it’d be a select few, really only the captains and lieutenants. Everyone knew the Collective enjoyed sitting in their ivory towers halfway across the country from any battlefront. The Collective was playing God with their citizens. They knew it and their citizens knew it. They forced mandatory conscriptions from ages 10 to 90 and sometimes even older. Anyone aged 5 to 9 faced mandatory military training. Anyone younger than that was placed in military preschools that were designed to turn innocent children into cold-blooded killing machines. It didn't matter how any of that happened.

No one was safe from any of it, except for the Collective, the Collective’s families, and other high-ranking officials and their families. No one had time to send complaints to the Collective. They were all too busy with training, fighting, or dying of long-forgotten wounds. Skirmishes and battles turned pointless, and both sides could sense the Collective's armies barely giving any effort to winning.

The Collective knew the wars were pointless. Despite that, they continued to make their citizens fight, “For the Greater Good of the Country and Collective.”

So everyone fought, no matter how hard it was, and rebelled in their own way.

So when Lieutenant Colonel Kern spoke of a chance to desert without consequence in the middle of her speech, she surprised everyone. She offered her company the chance to escape the Collective through deserting. She wouldn’t tell the Collective. She surprised everyone again when she said she’d join the deserters. And when her captains pressed her for answers, she just said she had a plan.

It was a plan to bring the Collective to its knees. And it would be done in four fun, quick, simple steps.


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  • Brightness Eden

    Oh my Goodness!! This is wonderful and intriguing! I’m dying to know the next part of the story! Keep writing!

    4 months ago