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Love You Forever

June 12, 2021


They both remember the soft breeze on that summer day. The world was bright, their love was new. They lay in a golden meadow next to the field of barley. Each day, as the sun rose, they met at the waters edge to share a morning kiss and watch the sun rise above the horizon while gleaming its rays onto the sparkling ocean waters. They walk together down the dusty road with eyes only for the other. They spend the glorious summer together, hardly leaving the other's side.
    When the Crisp Autumn days arrive they think back to those perfect days, for their days are perfect no longer. When the screams come from the bathroom, he immediately knows something is wrong. He sprints down to the bathroom to find her on the floor, chest barely moving. Screaming her name he sobs, clutching tightly to her body. Before she takes her last breath and the light fades from her eyes, she heaves out one simple, unforgettable phrase... I love you.


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1 Comment
  • Figwit

    So beautiful. Wow. You’ve managed to tell a poignant, touching story in so few words, which is an incredible gift! Love it!

    about 2 months ago