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"i am out with lanterns, looking for myself" - ED
seventeen year old poet

Message to Readers

this makes no sense i deeply apologise

have you ever met a poet?

May 13, 2021


there is nothing to say about the stars
the beauty that they hold
maybe fickle or true
but nevertheless, they gleam
and show us the way

twinkling upon the sea
whether it's made of tears or brine

i can't talk about you
this isn't a love poem.
not a real one

it's supposed to be a kind of
hi  i like you
(i think) poem

but have you ever met a poet
who phrases things normally?

we have the tendency to overthink
until there are rhymes and fallen hair in our sinks
until the pipes are clogged and the puppies turn into dogs

and we stop making sense
and just shut ourselves up. 


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