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May 15, 2015



This game was full of competitive players and most never backed down, but one definitely didn’t. Her name was Karin. She ran all over the field the whole time like a track star even though she had to take a breather at some point. She even endangered her life screaming, “Teacher! Teacher!” running towards the soccer ball as it went in the busy street full of traffic. County Road D was a big part of the game.

    Kenny was the goalie on the team against her. Nick was the main defense player on the Winners team. Karin jabbed at Kenny multiple times to get the ball even though the goalie had it. She was all over the field. Her main move was a stiff arm (highly illegal) to hold people in place to try to get the ball away from them. In all, Karin says, “Sports aren't her thing,” but she sure knows how to get control of the ball.


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