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falling in love is pointless until someone can look at you like you're their entire world.
i'd wait forever for the perfect person.

'superficial love'

May 12, 2021


As Ruth B. wrote in her spectacular song. . .
' ' this superficial love thing, got me going crazy
baby if you want me, then you better need me
cause i'm so done, not being your number one. ' '

Love is. . . exhausting. Tiring. And maybe that's just my experience, you know. 
It shouldn't be that way.
Is it so much to ask, to have someone look at me, like their entire world is just. Standing right in front of them. Someone that they're so in love with, they could never ask for more. 
They'd do silly things with you- dancing in the rain. Picnics under the stars. Baking with you while singing nostalgic music. 
But then having the ability to be serious, too- sitting in the grass under the bright sun talking about life. Communicating about your feelings. 
Loving someone.
Because they're the best person imaginable in your life,
and you want nothing more than to spend your time with them. 

Is it really too much to ask?
To want to be in a happy relationship?
That LASTS? 


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