Society by Bailey Casada

May 13, 2014



If you ask me, society is not what it should be. Society has put bad expectations in our eyes; physical and mental expectations. Not only does society make mistakes mentally, but also in the physical world concerning the well being of our planet. I can easily come up with ten things about society that I wish weren't true. I wish society did not judge by size and appearance. Who cares if you're not a tall, skinny, tan, smart, and pretty model. Not everyone can be like that. There is no reason to judge someone on their size or appearance. I wish society did not have stereotypes. We should not judge ANYONE before we know them and their story. I wish society took better care of the Earth. This is our home, we need to start giving it some respect! Quit throwing your trash on the ground, use Earth-friendly cars, help with pollution, etc. I wish society would learn to get along. We're all humans on this planet, we can start acting like it. We need to learn to make peace. I wish society would realize that we all will never agree on a religion. We all have our own beliefs, and it will always be that way. I wish society would realize how truly selfish they are. We take everything to granted- from food to clothes to shelter. I wish society would just accept that gays have the right to get married. Marriage is a basic human right that everyone deserves. I wish society was just nicer in general. There are too many that feel attacked by society. I wish society was better at making friends rather than making enemies. Last but not least, I wish society didn't have such a set idea of how we're all supposed to look and act.

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