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Are we really Living?✨

May 11, 2021


   Yesterday, I saw a woman sleeping in front of a petrol pump on a plastic sheet with her two children who were hardly 10 years..I live in Pakistan( and a Muslim also..)  And here it's common..I think everywhere it's common...We pray 5 times a day, visit church or mosque or any other place and think we completed our duties and we have become God's favourite..We pray and visit mosque or church to show our love to God..Do God really need this? God created us so we may serve Him? I don't think that it is our reason for existence... I think He created us so we may serve his creations ✨...Many of us give charities to poor but do we really give charities??...We give the things that we don't need anymore...Usually the food,coins...that we dont need..We give it to the poors...Does religion teach us this? Doesnot it say serve them as you  serves yourself? Choose for them what you chooses for yourself?...We have an ideology that if we wont do that...We would be thrown into Hell...But we don't think that why will He punsih us?  He tests some people by giving and some by not giving....It is our responsibility to love all the creations of God ..And definitely not think of ourselves as superior...We all are equal...If anyone don't has money....You are not  supposed to think them as inferior...Instead...they are God's favourite... Because sufferings bring us nearer to God... I think....God loves them more...✨❤️....Many of people gives alms more to show off than to help and please God.... It's not Humanity... Its not the way of living...


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