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republishing coz I love this

set in a mansion of tea and stars and ink and ballgowns and deep red wine

July 11, 2021


a collection of conversations

conversation between the poetic mansion dwelling protagonist, and her ghost friend


i missed you

the mirrors not the same without your smile

i know, i know, its been too light, but i did miss our evening dances

going? so soon?

well goodbye, ghost boy

i look forward to learning your name 

its been a pleasure, as always

you dont need to bow to me silly

farewell, poet girl


conversations between the poet protagonist and her witch/turns into raven lover/friend
in no particular order


won't you ever call me my name?

i don't like names

for someone who doesn't like names, you wear an awful many

serendipity today, is it?

yes, im feeling lucky

im not

don't be like that; the clouds are heavy, the fires warm, the tea glows golden in the light-

the tea is the colour of mud, seren

won't you see the poetry in existence

i see the poetry in existence alright, i just see no existence within these walls

well i see sonnets in the ceiling

i know you do, i know you do

dont fly away just yet, my raven

i wont, not yet

hold me?

till the sun sets.

I wish someday you would fly somewhere my dear- what am I to call you today?

Ophelia today my friend, I'm feeling melodramatic

Well Ophelia, won't you leave with me?

You know I am bound to this place 

But you're not, you're not, the boy is bound, the man in the clock is bound, but you are as free as a bird!

You're the bird my friend,
(a ghost of a smile, or perhaps the ghost smiled) and this is my gilded cage and I wouldn't leave it for the world

I could offer you the world 

Go now, bird, the ink and the fire and scent of sweet tea does beckon me

Till tomorrow then, Ophelia

Till tomorrow

Some days I think this place has addled your brain

What makes you think that? I waltz with a ghost boy and recite poetry with a clock, and my lover turns to feathers every evening

You say that like I'm cursed Cassandra

I say it like I'm cursed 

Neither of us are cursed. I can leave any time, I'm not bound to this place

A beat 

And neither are you 

What are you writing

My name's, all the names I've worn this week

A beat

Well read them out

Blanche Dubois 

Blanche Dubois?

Remember that day I got drunk and danced the polka in a red ball gown?

Ah yes. Blanche Dubois. 

conversation between the poetic mansion dwelling protagonist, and the man who lives in the clock

what do you think of time, my dear

of time?

of the ever ticking seconds, the constant eternal clock, the passing of our lives at a constant march

i dont believe in time

ah but is it really something one can ignore?

in this place one can

look in the mirror, you are two millimetres taller than when i last came to call; you have grown, time has passed

the sun has set and risen but i am the same

but are you?

time does not effect me, nor you, for all your living in a clock and philosophising

time effects us all my dear, for example, the clock now strikes 12 so i must leave, farewell young one

farewell old one

thats not respectful you know

i know



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  • Sophiascb

    so beautiful! "i see the poetry in existence alright, i just see no existence within these walls / well i see sonnets in the ceiling" is my favorite part ;)

    2 months ago
  • Paisley Blue

    okayyy i was so inspired by this that i wrote my own little sort of thing that turned out really similar to this... and i figured i should probably check with you before posting it or sharing it anywhere. it has really similar vibes, slightly different storyline but enough to be considered the same...? of course i'd give you credit. either way, thanks for the inspiration :)

    3 months ago
  • Paisley Blue

    These are stunning im completely in awe. See i make these characters and conversations in my head but I've never had the courage to write them all down... maybe now I will, for fun.

    3 months ago
  • Written_In_Water

    This is so excellent!!! It's actually amazing and I loved every bit of it. The writing was absolutely impeccable - I literally can't express how good it is

    3 months ago
  • thebookishfey

    okay WOW this is beautiful. you make me want to live in a ghostly mansion full of peculiar things (actually, I kind of always want that, but this enhanced that dream)

    3 months ago
  • pyrrhic

    w o a h h h h h

    i love this so much oh my goodness it's so beautifully written and evfhdoildna the dialogue says so much not only LITERALLY saying so much but also about the characters and just... w o w

    5 months ago