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When the Karin is good at soccer.

May 15, 2015



“I should have stayed on the other team.” Says an exasperated Isaiah, who just witnessed his Although they fought valiantly, Karin’s Team just didn’t have the mettle to win. In some ways, the game was unfair. Differing goal sizes, along with some good defensive players, shut out Karin’s Team early in the game, only to receive Isaiah as a gift, to help them out. But even this gift of the man with the lightning feet, didn’t hold up.

The roster of The Winner’s was a good one, showing off the iron goalie, Kenny Tapp, along with the power forward, Drew Leonard, tore through the defenses time and time again. No one could have foreseen the danger Karin’s Teams captain, Karin, would have to go through to retrieve the ball. Risking life and limb, Karin selflessly went to get the ball any time it went into the street. So this is why, in the end, Karin is the true MVP.


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