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By: The_Sunrise_Queen


    When I think of winter, I think of an icy clear stream running through a forest of birches, their speckled trunks frosted over with freshly fallen snow and frozen ice. I think of a bitter cold wind and snuggling up in blankets by the fireplace. 
    When I think of spring, I think of dirt paths through forests where green - green - green seems to be the only color. Occasionally a violet-blue aster will pop its head up here, or a clearing of dainty pink cherry trees will materialize there, covered all over with the bridal veil of blossoms.
    When I think of summer, I think of a twilit evening and a great big lawn, where a gentle breeze is swaying the poplar and oak leaves and the smell of dusk is near. I think of hundreds of little fireflies, lighting up the sky with their brilliant splendor, and that perfect temperature, where the cold of night has not yet begun to sink in, but the heat of the day has passed. 
    When I think of fall, I think of hikes through trees where there seems to be every color imaginable: red, orange, yellow, brown, green, and that bright, crisp blue sky, with not a speck of white. I think of hayrides and pumpkin pie and warm sweaters. 
    With all the life and freshness of each and every season, is it really possible to choose a favorite one?

Message to Readers

Hi guys! Any feedback/reviews/comments would be appreciated; I would also be happy to review anyone's piece if asked! Also, let me know in the comments what your favorite season is (if you have any - I personally don't :) Happy reading/writing everybody!

Peer Review

I absolutely adore the way you described each season with passion and love. The earth is truly a beautiful place, it is hard to manifest such sensations into words, and you did exactly that. You portray imagery so well!

What gave you the inspiration for this?

Reviewer Comments

I love this poem, keep going!