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was none of it true

By: ghostyboi


why is it that when something bad happens
everyone rushes to tell you
how much you matter to them
but after you're better
no one seems to

why is it that when i'm not doing okay
people love to tell me
how important i am
but whenever i hide it
i don't seem to

am i still important?
do i still matter?
or was none of it true
all along?

can someone please tell me that you're proud of me for existing today?

Peer Review

I loved that it was personal, it gives a connection that I resonate with

I just want to say that the world is proud of you for living, for trying your hardest. Your best doesn't have to be *the* best, as long as you know that you're worth everything <3

Reviewer Comments

I love this piece, good job! i hope you have a lovely day, enjoy the sun dear <3