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May 8, 2021


Life has been a long bumpy ride for her! Her dreams shattered,Her emotions faded....She doesn't know what this life is going to do with her...She doesn't have any idea what is she going to do!How is she gonna spend her life.... It's not about relationship,family...But her Soul...Yes!! Her soul...Her soul is all broken..Not because of some suffering but due to some emptiness in her life..And she doesn't know what's missing... Everything is there! A good family,small circle of friends who are good enough....Cousins... Everything!! But stills she is empty from inside..She says, I am an introvert... But actually she loves socialization but hates to be judged...She loves talking but hates being judged....She loves to be loved..But no one loves her! Isn't it strange...She has family, friends,cousins...But still she says that she needs love?✨


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