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" We don't meet people by accident. Everyone is meant to cross our paths for a reason."

Have you crossed paths with me? It must be fate!!

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Note: This is not really a story, but more of a hook and introduction to a character I plan to use. Thanks for reading!

Intro To Dylan Cody

May 7, 2021


There were exactly thirty-five days left in the school year when I felt the strings that controlled my life starting to tug. It was subtle at first, and I hardly noticed anything. But then it hit a peak, a point where there was no turning back.

To clear some things up I'll start by telling you a bit about myself. Dylan Cody, a fifteen-year-old introvert. I've been committing social suicide upon myself since my elementary years, isolated from the rest. Middle school was the peak of hiding in my mind, away from the rest. I had two good friends for a year in seventh grade, but by eighth, they were long gone. Middle school was also the highlight of my ponytail phase, where I was afraid people would look down on me if I wore my hair any other way. I was wrong, they looked down on me anyways.

Freshman year of high school was rough, and I made a lot of friends but ended up losing most of them. The true ones stuck around, two girls by the names of Eden and Jezebel. In the budding days of our friendship, I dubbed upon them the nicknames of Edie and Bel, which they appreciated more than their own. They called me Lan for a bit, which evolved into Lanie, as more of a way to poke fun at me. I was alright with it. Friends were friends.

Then a big change happened over the summer going into sophomore year. I spent a lot of time by myself, searching the internet and making friends all over the place. At school, I had always blocked out my classmates, and only let in a select few. On my laptop, I could show my true personality without the restraints that social anxiety brought upon me.

Fast forward to sophomore year. I slowly opened up throughout the year, making a few acquaintances and eventually friends on the cross country team, whereas before I refused to do so. By early spring, I felt like a different person. I even felt ashamed to look back on how closed off I was before. So I changed myself in a way to show this. I cut my hair into a fine pixie cut that showed me for who I was. I had no hair left to hide behind. Now I'm just me, unrestrained, and unapologetic. I will find my people wherever I go, and maybe there won't always be people there for me. But I will never lose myself again. I am Dylan Cody.


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  • Emma_Caylie

    I really really loved this. I am kind of going through an awkward phase right now. My social anxiety has been heightened and I have been struggling to make friends. This gave me hope. Thank you for that :)

    3 months ago