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Chapter nine to my crash course story pt. 1

May 7, 2021


Chapter Nine

I cannot believe she did that. Jesse stole my truck and didn't even say goodbye.
"Umm." The two cops, Officer Harley and Sergeant Copperstone stared at me with skeptical looks.
"Hop in the back; we're going after her." Numb, I fall into the smelly back of the police cruiser and tense my body against the seat. They swerve and screech onto the neighborhood road. The lights wash everything in a blue-red haze, and the sirens wail like a haunting command. We're speeding down the dark back road when the driver suddenly stopped. I knock on the glass partition to ask for an explanation. Instead of answering, the cops get out, and Officer Harley opens my door. I step out, and a familiar engine roars in my ears.
"Is this your truck?" Sergeant Copperstone asks. I peer into the dark woods and see my taillights flashing up from a small ditch hidden behind a row of trees.
"Jesse!" I cry out. I take a couple of strides in her direction, but Sergeant Copperstone catches my arm.
"Oh, no, you don't; we need to assess the condition of the vehicle and retrieve the victim. You can't just go running ." I nod my compliance and let them inch into the forest with blinding flashlights raking bright cones across the crash. I hear some low talking and the screech of metal forced to move. 
A voice calls out from the thicket of smoke, tree limbs, and mangled vines. "Hey! Tyson, right? Grab your phone and call an ambulance. Jesse is okay, no major injuries, but we'll need her fixed up a bit." I gulp and affirm the matter. I grab my phone and dial the famous three numbers. On the second ring, a gruff male voice sounds from the speaker.
"911, what's your emergency?" 
"Yeah, uh, my friend got in an accident, and someone told me to call you."
"Alright, do you know the condition of the victim?"
"No, sir, I have two officers with me, and they just said 'call an ambulance.'"
"Can we have the street name?"
"Nort Midland Road."
"Thank you; an ambulance will be their shorty." The man hung up, and I returned my phone to a pocket. A scuffle from the ditch startles me, and I turn my attention to the crash. Officer Harley is carrying something that looks like Jesse, and Sergeant Copperstone is asking her rapid-fire questions. I squint in the dark until they pass through the cop car's headlights. I gasp in shock at what they call 'not serious.' Deep cuts dance down the side of Jesse's face, and blood drips crimson splatters from multiple wounds.
"Jesse!" I clamber to her side, but Sergeant Copperstone pushes me back. 
"Please, stand back. This girl needs medical attention right away, and Officer Harley needs to attend to her without distractions. Did you happen to reach medical care?"
I nod fast. "Yes, an ambulance is on its way." He flashed me a thumbs-up, which seemed to be a tad inappropriate, and turned away to help his partner. I inched closer to Jesse, hunched on the cement.
"You'll be in the ER in no time," I reassure her. "Trust me, Jesse. I'm going to make sure you're alright." She nods weakly and returns her blank gaze towards the two officers frantically but calmly working over her. I stand back and shiver in the early-summer chill. In the distance, the loud screech of sirens wove through the streets to our location. In a matter of seconds, the flashing red and blue lights were in view, and a fraction of time later, Jesse was strapped to a stretcher and loaded into the back. I jumped in behind her, taking a seat under the harsh fluorescent lights. The paramedics survey the officer's work, replacing bloody clothing with snow-white gauze and snipping fabric out of the way. 
"Hey!" I yell at Officer Harley. "What about my truck?" He jogs to the opening of the loading bumper.
"We'll get a tow truck to come lift it out; in the meantime, I'd call in a favor for a ride home." I nod, and he turns to his cruiser, where his partner waits patiently. The doors close, and the ambulance jerks to a start. Jesse looks stable enough, and there are too many people working on her for me to squeeze to her side. I fish my phone from my pocket and tap Charlie's contact. My phone buzzes for several seconds. It's late, but not late enough to where he would be asleep yet. "Tyson?" He mumbles. "Where are you? It sounds super loud on your end."
"Yeah, look, uh, Jesse crashed my truck, and we're on our way to the hospital—"
"WHAT?!" He screams into the receiver.
"Can I finish, please?" I continue before he can respond. "She's okay, but my truck is totaled, and I have no way home—"
"Yeah, I can come to get you." He interrupts once more; rushed to jump to my aid.
"Thanks, you know which hospital, right?" He snorts.
"The only one within a 30-minute drive?"
"Yep, see you then. I love you." Static fills the speaker, but I hear his faint voice say 'I love you too' before I end the call. Now comes the hard part. I have to tell Jesse's mom. I've only talked to her a couple of times, and I'm not very good with parental figures. I sigh and scroll to her contact. Jesse needs her mom, whether I like it or not. Unlike Charlie, I have to call three times before she picks up.
"Hello?" Her warbled voice sounds.
"Hi, Mrs. Trevino, this is Tyson, Jesse's friend?" There's a pause, filled with yelling and machinery noises.
"Yes, I remember you. What's going on? Is Jesse okay?" I clear my throat.
"Well, Jesse got in a car accident, and we're on our way to the hospital." The line goes deadly quiet; I could only hear hitched breathing on her side.
"Is she okay?" I'm quick to reassure her.
"Yes, nothing life-threatening, but I thought you might want to know." Something like quiet sobbing fills the call before it's silenced with a ragged breath.
"I'll get there as soon as I can. Tell Jesse I'm on my way." I confirm and end the call. I tap a medics shoulder before edging my way into the fray.
"Jesse?" I call gently. I want to touch her to get her attention, but I couldn't tell what hurt, so I resolved to call her name.
"Jesse, can you hear me?" Her head rolls to face me, her eyes glassy and panicked.
"Hey, you're going to be okay. Your mom is going to meet us there. You're safe." She mumbled something incoherent, and I lean closer, ignoring the warnings from the people around me.
"What?" I whisper.
"Voices . . . ." She mumbles again. I stare at her in confusion.
"They are so loud, Tyson. Please, make them stop." I frown, sure the medics were talking, but it wasn't loud.
"What are they saying?" A woman demands beside me. I almost tell her to back off, but she's treating my best friend, so I shut my mouth.
"The disease isn't working . . . . Failed experiment. Take the girl back to the lab. Genesis is waiting." Everyone stares at Jesse with a slightly creeped-out look. What the hell was that?
"I'm sure she's just going into shock." The lady reassures me. "Shock does strange things to people." I nod and return to my seat off to the side. I rest my head on the metal walls as questions spin through my head for the rest of the ride.

I had to split it in half because the whole thing was a little too long . . . . Please enjoy :)p


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  • Odysseus

    RE: It's top five, definitely

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  • barelybear

    Omg this is so tense! I was hooked all the way through, and I really want Jesse to live but I’m also really nervous about the voices aghjsjsj. Would you be able to notify me when the next part comes out c: ?
    Re: hehe thanks! I love mocking stuck up people :D
    I’m glad you had fun reading it

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    This is great! You did great on the cliffhanger! Looking forward to reading the next part soon!

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    I’m a little late but... YES

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    RE: Book suggestion- Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

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    re: thank you so much! I’ll tell you when I post next chapter

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  • gabimarie

    re: thank you! it's one of my current favorite pieces, so i'm glad you enjoyed it!
    ahh thank youuu. they honestly do, but they're over now and i'm out of school for the summer, which always nice. hope you're having a good day!

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    Re: haha, thanks, i agree.

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    re: thank you so much! yes, I would love to go to Hogwarts as well! Also, wow! I really liked this chapter, you managed very well to have the reader on the edge of their seat, and though I haven't read the other chapters, I will because this was such an engaging story!

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    RE: I'm seriously out of space. Things are starting to get sacrificed. I'm trying to categorize each shelf and it's impossible because I feel like Six of Crows doesn't want to be put next to Turtles All the Way Down...

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    RE: You know your book addiction is serious when you have two rows of books on each shelf and are currently trying to shove more in any space you can find

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    I wish I could sit with u tooooo

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    RE: Thanks for your comment on my new piece- and for offering to talk. But talking is for people who can speak, and I'm not very good at it. Nonetheless... :) Also, don't worry about responding late; excellent quote choices.
    "Summer had come and done. And the world was ending."
    - Benjamin Alire Sáenz

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