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Golf is everithing to me


May 15, 2015

Golf is a game of sport. It is a calm sport for relaxing. My favorite day to go golfing is Sunday, because Sunday is the relaxing day for me. Yet I havn't accompolished the game yet, I still like the game. Some people will say that it is the worst sport to play but if you were a boy is cheerleading your favorite or mabye even gymnastics ect. I just ignore those people because they are just missing out on all the fun you have. Soon when I get good enough, I am going to try out the PGA. Right now  i can beat  my dad in a round and even two rounds of golf. I hope i can get to the PGA one day. If I do, you will see me in the masters in a green jacket setting all of the records there is over there. I really hope i make it to the PGA when i am older, and I hope you will be interested in golf. P.S. the kids will love golf if they get to drive the golf cart.


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