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Grab bag

May 8, 2021

PROMPT: May Grab Bag

  • about a “dress like its 2020” day at a school in 2068. What do the students wear? (by Spade

Tyler is not one for dressing up, so he goes basic, wearing a plain black face mask that he found in his mothers wardrobe. it smells of moth balls, but he finds himself enjoying the way it hides his face; he scowls at people in the street but they have no idea. he wonders if in the midst of the despair of the 20s, some people found small liberation. 

Tylers best friend, Nola, is waiting at the end of the street, having just waved, ironically, to the autotaxi that dropped them off. Tyler stifles a laugh, Nola had discovered 'cat boys' after falling down a history youTube rabbit hole, and now they are dressed in a maids outfit, cat ears on their cropped blue hair, ripped fishnet tights and finger less black gloves. 'these' they say, in a flat voice, pointing at their ears, 'were my dads'. Taylor grins; he can't figure out who Nola's trying to annoy, their mum, the conservative boys in their class, or the quirky history nerds who were serious about this cat boy stuff. 'Hey, I almost forgot', Nola pulls a red hat out their bag and places it on her head, it reads, 'make america great again'. Taylor shakes his head, 'genius'. It's official, Nola's trying to annoy everyone. 

The pair meander slowly to school, Nola saying 'meow' completely dead pan every couple of metres, causing Tyler to explode with laughter every time. When they reach the stark white school building Nala rolls their eyes; the 'popular' girls are huddled outside, each dressed in identical sweatsuits of alternating pastel colours. 'They didn't even have colour changing clothes back then', mutters Taylor, as a girl called Mae changes her outfit from pastel pink to pastel blue.

Nola is just constructing the perfect insult when they're interrupted by a familiar voice, 'heyyyy guys'. They spin around to see not, as you'd expect, their friend Clay, but rather a computer fitted to a homemade exo-skeleton, with Clays face smiling down on video call. Every year you had a few kids who on '2020 day' didn't come to school in the spirit of the pandemic, but Clay always took things to the next level. 'Ty, why you gotta be so boring', Clay pulls a face at Tylers standard uniform and mask. 

Tyler shrugs, 'at least its historically accurate' he says, gazing pointedly at a group of kids wearing nothing but skin tight suits decorated in cow print. 'hey, cowprint was a thing you know', is Nola's contribution. 'not like that it wasn't', and the bell rings, and the cat boy, robot and tyler head inside. 


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