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I'm not really sure what this is. Definitely not my best piece, but one of my more honest ones...I wonder if the Sun cares whether we appreciate it or not. To all six of my followers, it's not even a question- I greatly appreciate you for all that you are :)

a too-late kind of love.

May 4, 2021


you won’t know how much you love him until he’s gone.
and once he’s gone, you’ll realize all too quickly-
that the best gifts in life are the ones you never ask for.
i’ve always disliked the Sun: not in a hateful way, just in a
“you burn my eyes and scorch my skin” sort of way.
the Sun’s glow has always been too arduous for me, too intense,
too much. that’s one of the biggest mistakes that human beings make-
we find something overwhelming and we automatically hate it.
we don’t realize that because we have so much of that thing, perhaps 
we take it for granted more times than we’d like to admit.
never once have i heard someone say “i am grateful for the Sun.”
and never once did i tell him i was grateful for him, because i guess i thought
that there would always be tomorrow. he would always be there.
the Sun is the most constant constant that mankind has ever known-
through everything it has been there, loud and colorful but not always loved.
regardless, it persisted...and in this same way, he stayed. always. unendingly. 
or so i thought. the moral of the story is:
you don’t realize how much you love the Sun until it sinks into the horizon,
and all you are left with is dejected darkness. 
you don’t realize how much you need the Sun until it steals back the warmth it 
gifted to you so generously, until the universe is cold and nothing shines like it used to.
you don’t realize how good you had it until you don’t have that goodness anymore.
and only in the beauty of the sunset will you wonder why you never loved it before.


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