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An overly introspective child trying to create something beautiful.

My pronouns are they/them; I identify ironically as a cryptid and seriously as agender.

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Hey, you! Yes, you.
You are beautiful.
You are human.
You will make mistakes, but your mistakes do not define you.
You will do great things.
I promise you, only the best of your dreams will come true.

here it's sunny all the time

May 4, 2021



here it’s sunny all the time and that’s fine, I guess
if that’s your sort of thing but sometimes I
just want a bit of rain, a shower just to wet my mind
petrichor in my throat and droplets clinging to my hair
and I want forests, lush their green not muted
cacti and palm trees may be lovely in their own way
but sometimes my soul just wants to be a moss-covered oak tree
hiding squirrels in my branches and building bird nests in my hair
as it turns out, there's actually something I miss about New England--though it's sort of a double-edged sword


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  • rainydayz

    rain is my favorite weather. there is just something very poetic about it

    9 days ago
  • Gracie-poo

    It rains were I am all of the time. I love the rain in all, but I always want it to be sunny,lol, but I get your point.....anyways I hope you have a great day!!!!

    9 days ago