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United Kingdom

I used to be Emily10202 but I prefer my middle name to the numbers :)



Complete bookworm (especially historical fiction)

Writer of mostly fiction but also some poetry (which is mostly what I share here)

Have a great day! <3


May 4, 2021


Hope is such a fragile word,
soft yet sharp, shattering.
Hope is swollen then swallowed
then lost
before you can taste its name
upon your lips,
hope is a wanderer, a traveller,
it hovers and drifts, its presence and
absence are not mutually exclusive.
Hope, like a rainbow, is born
as a result of an oxymoron.

Hope is us. Hope is pulling back
from hopelessness, hope is
accepting the fluctuations
and the changes
and the opposites,
one minute future and then futureless,
lost then found,
dreaming and then giving up,
hope is holding on no matter how
tired your hands are,
no matter how much your fingers ache.

Hope is not perfection.
Hope is clinging to the moments that
make your heart full
and letting them guide you through the
days of hollow emptiness,
hope is smiling through the rain
and watching the sky until that beautiful
oxymoron appears, the entire colour
spectrum defying the grey
to rise in a huge, bright arc above
your head, saying:
look what you could become.


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