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Some feelings undescribable ✨

May 4, 2021


         She have a huge group of friends..She have a family..Not a broken one but a good good family.But...She is still alone..She chats with her friends for hours..She spends time with her family..But still there's something that is missing.. What??..Why she always feels lonely...Why her laugh is never genuine.. Why she has to cry every night..Why is she always broken in the end?...why she can't describe what she actually is going through?..She sleeps for hours.. Because she is lazy?Nooo...Because she wants a break..She wants an escape....
She tries her best to make others laugh..She listens to them..But why no one listens to her?Why she is always left with a broken heart? Isn't she a human? Doesnot she needs someone...Who can listen to her voice..who could listen to her untold words..Who could swab her unrolled tears..❤️
                    All alone in this world full of people ✨
Some feelings undescribable ✨


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  • AstroWriter

    I love this piece! I like how the name topic is something that's missing. Great job! Welcome to write the world! If you need any help, just ask me in one of my pieces!

    3 months ago