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Lil Zay

The Best Part of the Day

May 15, 2015



By:Isaiah Gonzalez

The Soccer Game

The soccer game had a lot of hustle and highlights and a lot of outstanding effort. Just about everyone played their part. Drew has an outstanding offensive role and had extraordinary assists and defense. He exclaimed in envy, “You should let Isaiah bring up the ball so I can take it from him.” That showed good ability to have fun. Kenny had good defense although the goal was a little bit too small. I scored once on him and he admitted drastically out of breath, “Isaiah got me once, good job.”

It was a good game and almost everyone had fun and did a little bit of action. Three people in particular helped out a lot by standing there and making sure the ball did not hit the window. Karin was fun to watch grab the ball when she always screamed out, “Teacher got it, teacher got it,” out loud so no one would go in the street to get the ball. She must’ve thought we were in 3rd grade or something. The MVP of the game was forsure County Rd D as he saved all the out of bounds because the ball had a lot of opportunities to get hit by a car. Over all I think that going outside gets the little wiggles out that you have and then you can go back and do school work


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