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Dark academia escapism (this was so fun)

May 3, 2021


candles flicker, dancing dreams as red wax drips on a mahogany desk. shadows cavort around my head and whisper piano concertos, ink falls from a silver nibbed pen, and i write poems and when im done i set them on fire and toss them in the hearth. lying on thread bare faded deeply pattered carpet i gaze at a unlit chandelier, that seems to spin above me like a moon. i spread books bound in leather around me like islands, and scrawl words on thick paper that smells like musty robes and forgotten breathes, and on my head i place a dusty tiara, and monoluge to the tea dregs in a chipped flower cup. 


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  • Ellie!

    does any poet NOT have dreams like these?? very well written, great job :)

    10 days ago