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Note: Most of this comes from sheer boredom. I know the importance of time, especially now. The poetry here isn't personally backed, I was simply playing with words in my head and absolutely adored the vague alliteration in the title.


too much time has taught me time is worthless

May 2, 2021


too much time; that's all i've had in my hands
days seemed decades long; looming over my head
eat, sleep, study (but not really), repeat
the same old cycle, that starts and ends in my bed

and only has it been forty-eight hours
since i haven't stepped out of my room
yet it feels like it's been a century
we're all on the list for impending doom

i feel like i'm carrying the world on my shoulders
yet doing nothing at all
like life has hit the pause button on me
so i cannot rise, nor fall

the bedroom is now home to me
school, play and arts
and although my friends i can see 
through the window, we're still apart

too much time has taught me time is worthless
it's nothing more than a grain of sand
because we've had a year, and a little bit more
yet sickness haunts this land

inspired by the spanish flu, because now i admire anyone living in that time period (especially children). how did they attend school?


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  • sci-Fi

    love this. you're an incredible writer.

    Re: yeah, i think you said it. it's a cool age, but it's strange and hard and no one thinks about it much, so no one can prepare u for it.
    i'm... idk. lots of stuff going on. worst of all is that i have so many things that i want to write about and i just... cant. right now. i'm trying to be more active on here tho
    how are u doing?

    11 days ago
  • YW_H

    wow...thats it. just wow. you are so talented and this piece is outstanding,

    11 days ago
  • anemoia (#words)

    re: yes. she was and always will be a keystone here, at least to me.
    re also: ah makes sense the title def caught my eye. and yeah it def would have been interesting to have lived 100 years ago1

    11 days ago
  • anemoia (#words)

    funny i feel like all this time has taught me time is even more precious, realzing just how much was available
    beautiful poem, though
    i hear that they did school outside in some areas during the spanish flu... fireplaces and tents and it was all outside. people were hardier back then, i think.

    11 days ago
  • Tachi

    interesting. others would say different. the title, not your writing.

    11 days ago