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Diary of a young refugee

May 1, 2021


December 20, 1996
Dear Diary, 
    Today a new group of refugees came in. They were all injured and emaciated, it was like the day we came. After going through desserts and walking for months or even years it is surprising if you make it. My sister who had escaped with me made me promise if I ever saw a group come in I would search for our brother, mom, and dad. I did so even though I knew it was hopeless. As usual they weren’t there.       
         As I was walking back to my sleeping area, trying not to step on people. I almost ran over Alia. She is my only friend other than my sister in this horrible camp, she is a little older than me. I’m 12 so she is around 13. I’ve never actually asked what her age is. We became friends when I first came she gave me water and food because I was so weak and hungry.
        Apparently, she had been looking for me. She told me “Natasha, I think you are going to really want to see this. And go get your sister too.” I went to go get Amal. I ran practically dragging Amal to where Alia told me to meet her.       
       She led us to the gate of the camp. There was nothing there. Then all of a sudden my brother Ameen jumped out from behind me. He was only 3 when me and Amal had escaped. But we had been in the camp for 3 years so he was now 6. He looked so weak and older. I lifted him up and we were so happy then. 
        I asked him about our parents. Then he all of sudden started sobbing. That is when I knew that what I had expected all along was true. We are orphans.
  Forever, Natasha 

December 22, 1996
Dear Diary, 
        I was in the school tent today. I have been trying to learn English but it is so hard. Luckily the teacher is really patient and helpful. I have learned the alphabet and a few simple words so far. Afterward, I went outside and saw a soccer game. I love soccer, so I  joined the game. I was a team with Alia, Ameen, Amal, and a few others who I didn’t know. We had to improvise for a ball and goals. 
        We used a piece of cardboard as our goal and a ball that one of the workers of the camp made for us out of shredded fabric and string. I was on defense which is my specialty. There was a guy on the other team who was really good, but I was better. A huge crowd gathered around to watch. They cheered on the teams and were laughing, it was the only time I have heard or seen so much happiness. 
       Simple games like soccer are the only fun and social activities we have. It helps everyone gets their mind off of the war and everything that has happened. At the end of the game my team won.
        Everyone went to bed since it was getting really late. I tucked in Amal and Ameen in for bed. And sung a lullaby our mom use to always sing. Ameen was cuddling with a crude teddy bear that I made out of scraps for him when he was just a baby it was the only thing he had managed to get before he had escaped with a group of people who had felt bad for him. I mean who wouldn’t feel bad for a little boy who had lost his whole family. 
        After they fell asleep I went to bed on the ground. I had let Ameen use my blanket since there were no more by the time it was his turn to get supplies from the supply truck. There were never enough supplies. It didn’t really matter anyways since it doesn’t offer much comfort. 
       As I started to fall asleep, I heard a scream, that shivered me down to the bone. Then more. I knew right away what was happening, someone had gotten into the camp and was starting a fight. Then I heard gunshots. I have heard so many since the war started that I was getting used to it. When the shots rang Ameen woke up screaming. Which woke up Amal. 
        I made them both stay where they were. Which I knew must have been torture after all they have been through, but I had to see what was going on. I was born with a great sense of curiosity, it’s a blessing and a curse. I ran to where I heard the shots and screams. I hid behind a pile of crates, so I could see what was going on without being seen. I saw a group of men not from the camp holding a gun aimed at a group of people. There were men, women, and children. In the group, I saw Alia. I wanted to cry. “Not my friend too!” I thought. 
        I sensed someone was behind me but I didn’t dare move then I slowly turned around I saw another refugee he was Nuer. Then I wanted to scream even more. You see I’m Dinka, and the Dinka and Nuer do not get along. He looked at me then held his finger to his lip indicating he wanted me to be quiet. I was confused he knew if I screamed I would be spotted then shot, but wouldn’t he want me punished as revenge for his ancestors, his family, his friends who might have been killed by the Dinka.
         But he seemed genuinely concerned about my safety. When I nodded my head, he pointed to something behind the group of men with the guns. There I saw a group from the camp of refugees and volunteers creeping out of the shadows. They were going to jump the men with the guns.
          After 10 seconds all chaos broke loose. When they jumped them. The men with the guns started firing their guns, but they were overwhelmed. In the end they surrendered. I went to see if anybody was injured while some people from the military who were assigned to protect the camp took away the men. A lot of people were injured, but only a few fatally. 
          I tried to help the worst. I knew how to because I helped in the medic tent a lot. Then I saw Alia her leg was badly wounded. I bent down and started sobbing. I couldn’t lose her too. A medic came over washed away the blood from her leg. And took her to the medical tent. The medic told me that her injury would not be fatal but she would have to stay in the hospital for a little while. Then I started crying again this time happy tears. My friend will survive.
          I went back to my sleeping area and found Ameen and Amal huddled together comforting each other. They hugged me and cried uncontrollably. They were so happy I was alive. I tucked them back in and promised nothing bad would happen. But I knew that was a promise I couldn’t keep.

Forever, Natasha 



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  • Rachaelgrace

    Absolutely beautiful. I am so excited whenever I see a piece on refugees on here. Great job!
    re: thank you :)

    3 months ago
  • Athena

    Thank you so much! It was inspired by a book we read in class about refugee camps, and the journey to freedom, if you liked this you might want to read it, it’s called a long walk to water.

    3 months ago
  • •TheVictoriousOne•

    I love how you showed the emotions, and the life in the camp really intrigued me and made me realize that I am in fact, really blessed to have a proper house and food. I love this piece, and you are so talented!

    3 months ago