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"i am out with lanterns, looking for myself" - ED
seventeen year old poet

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i wrote this while all of the people were doing said activities

home is not a place

April 27, 2021

peeling star charts bleached by the sun
(even the blu tac gave up)

a curled-up figure wearing unicorn pyjamas
(this is my sister, she adores reading books)

nepali songs sweeping into the rooms
(my mum always sings while she cooks)

a gruff shadow at a desk
(meet my dad, he consumes 5 cups of coffee a day)

tapping fingers, whispered rhymes, scribbled notes
(me and my fountain pen and washi taped mistakes)

this is my home
(it is a moment, not a place)

these are my people
(they sometimes make my sanity slip away)

however, i'll love them
(for forever minus a day)

because our bond is stronger than blu tac
(neither the sun nor age can take it away)


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1 Comment
  • HeyThereRose

    okay but this is so CUTE
    and awesome take on the prompt
    also your family are amazing love them

    5 months ago