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May 15, 2015

PROMPT: Open Prompt


       We were moving into a new house. I hated it. How was I supposed to make new friends? I suck at making friends. I want to go back to my home back in North Carolina. We were moving all the way across the country. We were moving to the sunshine state. Great, drought season.  

        The car moved to a stop. We arrived to the house. I wanted to go home. "This will be your home now, baby," my mom always said. I took my bag and walked into the huge, creepy house. I started to look for a room for my things. I came to the first door. It was locked. I walked a little farther down the hall and arrived at a decent sized room. I set my stuff down on the bed. I explored the house a little more. It was so enormous! "What's in that locked room," I asked my mom as she was unpacking the truck. "I don't know honey. These keys came with the house if you want to try out one of them." I took the keys and walking back into the house. To be continued....(now you suspicous)


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