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*sigh* i almost met him. I ALMOST FRIGGIN MET ZAC EFRON! but i didn't. ok im gonna go cry myself to sleep, bai.

my experiences with almost meeting Zac Efron *prepare yourself for an emotionally taxing story*

April 27, 2021


Sooooooo.....You all know why you're here. You saw that wondrous name ZAC EFRON and you clicked on this piece, because probably, like me, you are a Zac Efron S T A N. (I'm looking at you, Re-Write The Stars D:<) So you may be thinking? You almost met Zac Efron? Is this clickbait?
Geez I wish it was.
*pauses dramatically*
Soooo, idk if you know but Zac Efron is in Australia. Whoopdy-doo that's my homeland. Little did know, but Zac was-oop correction, IS in the city that I live in (won't say for privacy reasons, but you'll probs work it out anyway). And even littler did I know, that he was (hopefully still is?) in the SUBURB that I live in. 
*sigh* Yep. So he did this really awesome short film with the incredible Taika Waititi (who is apparently dating Rita Ora?......) about animal cruelty (namely testing products on animals *so wrong*), which is called Save Ralph (totally go watch it). My brother and sister both work at a warehouse that sells t h o u s a n d s of vegan products (it's still a pretty small store, tucked away, and like why would a celebrity think of going there?). The warehouse is (for safety reasons again) within an hour radius of our house. My brother was working there sometime this week, dum-de-dum, just doin' his normal stuff when who walks in?
Harry Styles.
Haha nopeeee.
It was Zac Efron.
Frickkkkkkk I wish it was Harry Styles. Tho I would legitimately have D I E D. mmhmm....okk back to the story again.
Yep so Zac Efron decided to casually walk in, with 3 of his bodyguards and a camera man. My brother didn't realize who it was until quiet screaming erupted from his female and HSM-loving co-workers.
Yep. So THAT happened. And he legit stayed for an hour. I could have EASILY gone up to the store and just...idk watched him from the car? I woulda looked like a stalker but it woulda been worth it. And even the BOSS got a selfie with him! I MEAN-
...So yeah that is my emotionally taxing and very depressing story about how I almost met Zac Efron and my brother who does not care and didn't know who he was somehow saw him for like an hour and I'm going to go cry now bai.


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  • ~rain~

    oh. my. fricking. goodness. lol i'm coming to wherever ya live in Australia (i'm in florida so that might not work very well) and meeting him... jk but still haha

    5 months ago
  • Re-Write The Stars


    5 months ago
  • Awesome Sienna

    Re: IKR! Weird. Nm.

    5 months ago
  • beth r.


    ok. the short film is absolutely heartbreaking, haunting, ingenious.
    re: 1. aw thank you!
    2. lol that SKETCH THO
    3. ye coffee's blergh. oof that's a strict diet- make sure you're still getting enough food, luv <3

    5 months ago
  • Rohan’s Defender (Semi-Active)

    Ohhhhhh..... wow. No words, friend.......

    5 months ago
  • barelybear

    Ahhh omg you must channel the vibes from your brother via a Zac seance :D
    Re: ooh maybe it should be - gotta say, I hadn’t really thought about it all that much, but I see what you mean, with the water forming the waves. But -uh- oceans rise, empires fall. (Agh the desperation to include a Hamilton link is a little alarming)
    Ooh that’s reassuring! Maybe I’ll start training again then! It would be so cool to just drop down into splits one day for no reason and everybody just goes like :o
    Hehe we can all have dreams
    Hope you have a fabulous day :D

    5 months ago
  • useless :)

    that's so cool haha, but nooo :(

    5 months ago
  • Nyla

    NOOOO stoppp, I'm literally going to cry. NOOO this is absolutely terrible. Oh my, Ruth!!! Your brother is so lucky (in general, all of you are! you must live in a really beautiful suburb for him to go there) and LOLL, I find your brother's unknowingness so hilarious! But maybe you'll get a chance to meet him again? Andddd on the bright side, at least there's no chance of him *accidentally* getting a restraining order XDDD

    5 months ago
  • Nyla

    RE: Ahh sorry for the late response- I didn’t go on WTW again yesterday, ok anyways, let me start responding.
    Awww yeah and LOLL that’s so true. You should come to Canada sometime then! (In the winter obvi!)
    Nice! And awww, ok, I’m just a liiiiitle bit under being a year older (love that wording XD) than you. My birthday is in October (I think we talked about this once over email and I have the same birthday as your brother! Don’t ask me why I remember random facts- I’ve just always been that way lolll)
    Oooooh yayyyy! So when you wake up you’re going to see this and go: calm down Ruth. You’re going to be ok. You’re just going to have one of the most magical days of your life- not a big at all! XD
    Awwww thank you Ruthhh!
    Thank you- you too!
    Also aww thank you! Oooh nice! She could probably beat me up, I’m a tiiiiny bit out of practice XD
    Haha yeah, you can make as many suggestions, changes, or comments as you want- each one helps me! Oooh I see now that you made a whole bunch. Thank you sooo much for that Ruth!! It helps me a ton!! Just doing a quick look over: oooh thank you so much for that contraction spotting, no idea how I missed that XD and ooh I’m so glad you picked up on Ms. Ruse’s not expected traits I put in there. I actually did those on purpose hehe to show how she puts on a ‘ruse’ and is more than what meets the eye (just making her seem really evil haha) But seriously THANK YOU soooo much Ruth, your comments are all so amazing (and once I do my schoolwork I will definitely start editing)!! Hope you have the best day ever! <3

    5 months ago
  • _Delphiruns2theocean_

    Re: Yeah. And that's cool! Oh wow. That's bad/good all at the same tiime? II'm glad you guys are ok now tho :)

    5 months ago
  • psithurism

    re: Ohhhh that makes way more sense! :)

    5 months ago
  • Awesome Sienna

    Re: Why! Do you always talk about me!?

    5 months ago
  • Awesome Sienna

    I'm sorry. I believe you.

    5 months ago
  • Love

    Oh!!!! I am really sorry dear. Cheer up

    5 months ago