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Small Ways Too

April 26, 2021

PROMPT: Stand Up

Standing up isn't simply waking up ready,
it takes courage
when that nagging feeling,
like the worst cramp or
a pit in your stomach arises
cause you know it might not be the borderline right versus 
When your checkered Vans scuff into the turf,
you don't think of the consequences,
the way people see you after you voice your opinion,
you only think
this is
and not the wrong they tell you is wrong
the real
You gotta know from your high ponytail to your half the time mismatched socks that you're doing something
you can't be neutral cause otherwise you're siding with the airheads.

It's not so much whether you show up in a cut shirt to challenge the claimed "neutral dress codes"
(though it helps)
but it's also being the brave teenager who records racism
and a man's breathing goes silent,
you show up in the courthouse
and do something.
When your African American friend gets nasty looks for goofing around at Walgreens,
cause flinging Smarties is a crime,
just glare,
they're ignorant,
200 years back.
They tell me
"ignore them" 
they tell me
"they do it for the reaction"
but those words slice just as hard as the slurs and comments,
like injustices labelled like a package
too small,
should be dismissed,
The defiant ones yell, 
like I'm telling you now,
and it sends ripples flying
the ecosystem of discrimination

People mock,
but the ones who say but don't do aren't the ones we Google.
Though we're not honored,
the small upstanders,
we know the bystanders take notice,
they'll migrate to the free lands,
and one day maybe there won't just be one paradise,
cause enough of us will see,
stand tall,

Just some random thoughts I strung together at night XD Any good....?


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  • Starlitskies

    Also, hope physical school has been going well for you and could you please tell me what benchmarks are? I'm assuming they have something to do with soccer. Sorry I don't really know. It's so impossibly misogynistic over here that only the boys play soccer. We don't even have it as a sport in our school, but we do play for P.E. (Physical education) sometimes.

    5 months ago
  • Starlitskies

    Re: Hey, just realised that I hadn't replied to your last comment. *facepalms*. Terribly sorry, so here I go. First of all, don't you dare say that you're not good at poems! Then what do you call this masterpiece over here!?!?! You should know you're a brilliant writer and a such a caring presence on wtw.
    And guess what, physical school stopped for me again, the covid situation here is not looking too good. :( Hope you're staying safe! And yes, I've missed you too while I was gone, and it seems I'm going to be gone frequently now. I guess the new norm would be me popping in and out. I've got my university entrance exam coming up next year and there's a colossal syllabus to digest!!! T-T. So yeah, I'll be going on hiatus in a couple of months. Hope you're doing well! Sending love. <3

    5 months ago
  • SunV

    re: Yeah. I walk with a few others in the evening and we're all wearing our masks but everyone else down has their masks in the hand, in their pocket or on their chin. and i get so annoyed.

    5 months ago
  • Writing4Life

    Re: Yeppp lop. Yeah lol, thanks :D

    5 months ago
  • Starlitskies

    Any Good?!?!?! Delphi this is brilliant!!! There are so many impactful lines and the sort of breathlessness that comes with the your formatting goes a long way to amplify your message.
    "this is
    and not the wrong they tell you is wrong
    the real
    wrong." - This really got me.
    "Though we're not honored,
    the small upstanders,
    we know the bystanders take notice," - This is a crucial point that you've highlighted. How you can inspire others to be up standers themselves.
    You've really engaged the sense with wonderful imagery and all the events, and the specificity with which you talk of them, adds much more depth and power to your poem. Great work!
    Re: Thank you so much for your sweet comment! I don't think I'll be making more edits to my piece (tbh, the sestina was really hard to write, haha) but either way I'd love to know your thoughts, so please feel free to review it, if you're still up for it that is. I know I'm replying really late but I sort of took some time off wtw. I didn't mean to go on hiatus but physical school started for me and life really got in the way. Hope you're doing well. <3

    5 months ago