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If any can they should put what ever feed back

anything i can write about

May 15, 2015

PROMPT: Open Prompt


i like movies better than books though cause you dont read them but you do watch them and the movie i like alot is called despicable me and terminater terminater is about a bunch of robots that can make themselfs look like humans and they are trying to kill this kid but this one robot is a good robot and he protects the kid and the bad robots die at the end. and despicable me is about minions and gru and these three little girls and gru gets a rocket put together with a little help from his minions and then gru goes up to space and then steals the moon but puts it back after he gets it back from victor and then he gets the little girls to help him and he finally gets it back and then puts the moon back and the three little girls lived with him.

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