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Hannah Smith

Harry Potter Wishes

May 12, 2014



Harry Potter is my favorite book series so far, I have not accomplished reading all seven of the books. I am on the Goblet of Fire right now and I am enjoying it very much. There are several things I wish that were really true to the whole book. First off I wish Hogwarts was actually a real thing. Like come on, who would not want to go to a school where you stay all year round, learn all about magic, and see magic happening before your eyes around every corner! Second, I wish the Sorcerer's Stone was true. Even though it caused many problems in the book, who would not want a stone that promised you to live a life time. Third I really wish that Quidditch was true. It is personally some of my favorite times when the Quidditch games are going on. Fourthly I wish that the Marauder's map was true. Having a map like that in your possession would be awesome. You could know where everyone was at every certain place and time. My last truth I wish that was true is that I could personally visit Hogsmade. I would love to take a trip and see all the magical things that you can buy, and I would really love to drink some butterbeer. There are a few things I wish were a lie as well. I have not read the seventh book or continued on with any other book past the fourth but my first wish is that I wish that Dumbledore and Fred would never die. Second I wish that Sirius Black was not in hiding. I wish that Peter Pettigrew would get caught by killing all of those people so that Harry could live happily with Sirius. Thirdly I wish that was a lie is that Ron's pet rat, Scabbers would not turn into the bad guy, Peter Pettigrew. Fourthly I wish Draco Malfoy did not exist. He is one person I really cannot stand in the book. Fifthly and mostly I really really wish that Harry Potter's parents would not have died. That's one of the most I wish that could be true.


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