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May 15, 2015

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I shot up, it was four am. I creeped out of bed, and walked down to the kitchen to get some water. That's where I found her, it had been five years, yet it still haunts me. I was only 11 at that time. She was in the middle of our kitchen, layed out with her arms crossed over her chest, she looked so beautiful, yet so hideous. She could of been an angel. The mid-afternoon sun light glinted on he pale skin through the skylight she insisted to be put in. He blonde hair in the natural ringlets that hung down. Her petite facial features showed signs of a smile. My mother was dead.
My body shuddered, a single tear slid down my face. I have no idea how father continued to live in this house after that. The police said it was a suicide, I knew she would never do such a thing, not with me or my sister Helga. 
I had to quickly grab what I needed before father woke up. To late, "Gerald Alwdin Smith! What are you doing up so late? You have classes in the morning!" He was angry, his soft brown eyes had been bloodshot, his words were slurred, he had just gotten home before I woke up. He was drunk, thinking he was going to slap me for being awake, I curled up into a shell and kept apologizing to him. He shuffled toward me at a fast speed, in one brisk motion I felt a sharp pain on my cheek, another sharp jab into my gut, and one last whip at my back. He dissmissed me back to my room. 
I flashed the light on in my room and walked over to my dresser and looked at the marks left. Slowly, I turned to the poster by my bed, turning it over I made three more tally marks. There is now a total of 49 tallies total. One for every mark he made on me. 
Mother had been my savior in these times. Before her death he had been a lawyer, made good money, on days off he would go play catch with me in the yard, and grill hot dogs for our annual BBQ. Now all he does is work at a fast food place, goes out to drink, and make my life horrid. Helga was old enough, she had left us, I was left alone with him every night after classes. I study harder than anyone else in my grade, I am graduating next year, I'll be the youngest person in the school to graduate. I have a 4.0 GPA, and I keep it that way, one day I'll be able go move across the country, and get away from this horrid man I've lived with for the past years. 
  I layed my head down and stared out the small window. Hours pasted and I had not moved from this position. The sun had rose and glinted on my light skin. I slid out of bed, shuffling towards the shower I could hear father yell at me, "Get your *** over here!" Keeping my head down I turned my shuffle over to him, "Faster, you mistake!" The shuffle turned to a walk, then a run. Just before I reached him I tripped over my long, clumsy legs. I sat on my knees, head still down. I could tell he was looking at the bruise on my eye, he was pondering what excuse I should use for it. After a few minutes of silence he declared, "If anyone, and I mean anyone, ask what happened to your eye tell them that you got hit with a baseball that your neighbor threw." I nodded my head to show that I understood. He pulled me up to my feet and pushed me in the direction of the bathroom, I shuffled to the shower to get ready. 
The warm heat of the steam was refreshing. Crawling out of the shower, I felt another rush of air. The sides of my lips showed signs of a smile. I walked out of the bathroom, and to my room, making sure to keep my head down just in case. Even though father had left for work I still hid in the shadows of the house, afraid of seeing him. Once I made it to my room I lifted my head and shuffled towards my closet to get my old pair of favorite jeans and a dark tee shirt.
 My door creaked open, glancing over I saw my cat Annlyse walking in to my room to greet me. She was a calico kitten I had found just a few months ago in the ditch. You could see her ribs, and she had patches of fur missing. I saw her and instantly felt a connection. Knowing father always had a soft spot for animals I knew I could have brought her home to keep. Since that day she had become my best friend, her fur grew back in most of the spaces, and she was well fed. I gave her a pat on the head and walked off to the bus stop. Like normal, she followed me to the old oak tree, then turned around to head back home.
I finished the walk to the stop rather quickly. I sat down on the rusty bench. There was old the same people there, Old Ben who had lost all hope after his wife Annabelle died, he just sits on the bus and rides it with no destination in mind. There was little Rose and her mother Lilian, they took the bus to the gym and daycare center every morning, and then there was me, a lost teenager on his way to school. Today there was another girl there, she looked around my age. She had long dark hair swaying down to the small of her back. She wore yoga pants and a white t-shirt. The bus arrived, Joseph the bus driver, greeted us all like everyday, but he stopped the new girl and asked her name and where to. "Annabelle, I'm going to Montgumry High School." "Go sit by Gerald, he goes there too." She slowly walked to the back of the bus to where I sat. "What happened to your eye?" She asked me. "My, uh... neighbor threw a ball and it hit my eye." "When'd he do it?" "Yesterday.." "You should report him you know." "He was just a kid, and it's no big deal." She stared at me in disbelief, "You really think that I believe that it was just a baseball? The mark is to big to be a baseball, roughly the size of a punch. He should go to jail." "How do you know it was a he?" I asked curiously, "The darkness of the bruise is to dark to a woman's punch, and it's to small to be a child or another teen. It had to be a male adult who did this. I suggest you report him and have him sent away for his crimes." I sat there flabbergasted. She turned me toward her and said to sit still. She pulled out a small bottle of cream, she dabbed a little on her finger and put it over the dark spot. "That should help make it look like a baseball hit you." I was about to say something, but Joseph yelled, "Gerald and new chick, get off! It's your stop." As I walked by him, he tugged my shirt back and whispered, "Be careful out there." I promised I would and walked off the bus. 
Jeremiah met me by the front gates. I asked him about the new girl, "No idea who she is, didn't see anybody new walk through the door either." I shrugged it off and walked over to my locker. 
A small pink note fell out, I picked it up and opened it, it said in a fancy handwriting, Behind the school at 5:42 exact, no later. All your problems will be solved. Glancing over my shoulder, I tossed it in the trash. The day went on as normal, teachers would occasionally stop me and ask what happened to my eye, i told them what father wanted me to. 

after school i went home, got out a book and began to read, time flew by, deciding it was a good idea to see what the note was about, I drove my car to the school and met up with the person to see what it was about. 

I waited for half a hour before i felt like they would never come. Just as i turned to leave, the girl from earlier appered. She wore her hair up into a bun and held a cell phone in her hand. She just wanted me to call the police and report him. I screamed, "I will never report him, he loves me, he just has a different way of showing it!" I stormed away and drove home, thats where i found him dead and bloody, a gun shot wound through his chest. In his hand he held a photo. It was the girl, she had killed him and left the photo to show me what she had done. I cowered under the table, wondering what to do next. I felt so alone, and now all that was left was Helga. I would be sent to live with her and her husband.


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