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You're sitting in class clutching your pen and writing words so slowly you think you will sink

April 22, 2021


Bones too big and soul too small 
Gravity in blood stream
Submerged in density 
Brain too small reaching like tentacles
Into silence 
Atoms pressing against skin
Air vibrating in ears
Thoughts a mile deep below
The sea and tears stuck 
Behind your skull
Ink dries slower and rain falls quicker 
Breaths are heavy and light and 
You hardly breathe and if
You stood up you feel you 
Would still be pinned to your seat
If you speak there would be silence 
Your teeth ache
Eyes forget to blink
Feet tapping beneath your bones


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1 Comment
  • mirkat

    okay okay this felt like jumping from one thought to the next but was also very cohesive? left me breathless. <3

    16 days ago