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A poem I wrote for history class

By: Lata.B


Education has failed to reach the ones who say “All Lives Matter”
They are the ones who should stumble down the latter
I will not lie
But I will indeed sigh 
All lives do matter but all lives are not in danger
Blacks are the ones who are on a glacier
I will not lie 
But I will indeed sigh
This is not saying black lives matter more
It just means they need help to roar
I will not lie 
But I will indeed sigh
The color of our skin should not be a reason to kill
Black lives matter and joy will overfill
As more people stand up for this
We will change the world bits by bits 
I will not lie
And I will not turn a blind eye

Peer Review

I love this poem because it explains that whites aren’t the ones in need. And I was pleasantly surprised to find it did not “support” ALM in that way.

Give an example, a quick phrase to deepen the meaning, make it more personal.

Reviewer Comments

AMAZING JOB!!!! Love the rhythm and rhyme. Lovely poem.