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Name's Grace.
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Heckin weird.
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.Ich hasse mich von ganzem Herzen.

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I write when inspiration hits.
Sometimes it just lightly taps me. Other times it hits me in the face with a chair.
I love to write. I would love any feedback you can give me!
I hope you enjoy reading what I've written. Because it brings me pure joy knowing that someone took the time to read it at all! :D

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"If you don't turn your life into a story, you just become a part of someone else's story." ~Terry Pratchett

"Just solve your problems with meatloaf, most of the world's problems could be solved with meatloaf"~anonymous

Never Knew.

April 22, 2021


I never knew I was standing up,
Until I began to fall.

I never knew I had it good,
Until I had it rough.

I never knew that I was happy,
Until I could not smile.

I never knew that I could write,
Until I held a pen.

I never knew I was an actress,
Until I walked on stage.

I never knew how to love,
Until I found this someone.

All the things I never knew,
Oh, how it makes me wonder...

If I had known all I could do,
Would my life still be this asunder?
Asunder; Into pieces; Broken up; Aparrt; Divided


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  • April 22, 2021 - 6:23pm (Now Viewing)

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  • Lata.B

    Hey! I hope you're doing well <3

    Roar as in helping them stand up for themselves because of what is going on in our world. Are you stating that everyone should not support BLM and only black people should? How am I speaking for you? this is my way of saying I support BLM. and how I stated above ALL lives do matter but I'm focusing on black lives in my poem.

    Also I am from Asia and I know what is going around in the world its not like only pumping up one race. I don't really understand how this poem bugs you. Please help me understand your point of view.

    16 days ago