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Harper Stone here. Big fan of the Ascendance Trilogy by Jennifer A. Nielsen. I love comic books, movies, cartoons, books, anime, Marvel/DC universes, and everything in between. I am a young writer who aims to learn from the feedback/writing of others

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Feel free on any of my written pieces to give me constructive and influential feedback and criticism. I value how my writing appeals to others while not changing its original purpose so I cannot guarantee a change will be made to it only that it will be considered. Thank you all for your time and I'm interested to see what you all think.

The Ballad of The Lived and The Living

April 22, 2021


Scars on my heart
Fissures in my soul
Understand me
I will keep control

I have life
Others do not
Comparing our marks 
Now that's a thought

We all have troubles
Life gets hard
Complain all you like
That's how things are

We have life
We willingly leave
Others had it taken
Left to bleed

Don't be confused
I don't mean rising rates
I mean murders and crimes
The deaths of late

To take a life
A cowardice crime
Believe I know
Most of the time

Endure the tribulations
That life brings tenfold
Live for those who can't 
Whose breaths were sold

The wars in our heads
On our arms
On our legs
Wake up

Breathe for those
Who long since stopped
Fight for those
Who fought and dropped

All life is precious

Even mine

Even yours

Lives FORCIBLY taken
Are WORTH living for
This was an idea that came to mind that I wrote down quickly so it's still rough around the edges. Hope it gets my point across as well as it can without me spelling it out. Thanks for reading. ~HARPER STONE


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